Chapter 2: Crunch Time

by Introspect

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released February 10, 2014

Recorded by Francisco Ruiz in South Gate, CA.

Mixed and Mastered by Droe Jackson at the Electric Kingdom in Lynwood, CA.

Cover Art: Aver x Joebro x Introspect
(Aver with the actual production and technicalities)

Thank you for those that made this possible. You know who y'all are.
Thank you for listening.




all rights reserved


HNL South Gate, California

4 Hungry Lyricists. Time to Eat.

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Track Name: Speakerboxxx INTROspect
They asking why I keep my focus
They saying shit won’t change
They said to gather up these images,
These people, they Jaded, they all looking strange
They said to keep it all together like it fits a frame
But I can’t be contained ‘cause these strains in my brain
Got me realizing that you and I ain’t the same
I’ma bit uneasy, whole lotta insane
Gunna spit on this earth, leave behind a fucking stain
Pick these pieces of this crumbled man
Try’na keep my head up on my plans
But the shit these days are gray and blue
With this mic I capture all I can, all I can
See I’ve torn apart my heart
And I wrote it on a page
They build ford tough? Well my shit is an Ox
Got me ten steps ahead thinking plots not thoughts
Got my life and my soul bleeding out this speakerboxxx
Track Name: Headshots
Verse 1:
Let me do my best explaining
I was jumping in the game with the aim to make a change in
No Obama man, my momma saw me wander
Seeking peace like Dali Lama but my skies they stayed grey and

So, gotta flip up the plan
Gotta find a way to make it, gotta re-invent the man
Re-define the mind, so it starts with a name
Young Jay, never knew that my life could change

So focused on the obvious, I needed much to do
I chose a random name, used to go by “Yuck Foo”
I thought it was clever but a homie checked quick
He told me, “that ain’t you man there’s more in what you spit”

Shit. I couldn’t lie, I certainly agree
I gotta give myself something that really defines me
Damn. Now even more conflicted
I’m caught in these chamber of thoughts and no one listens

See I’m more than just a man
Compiled of thoughts and experience
So when they down play what I am
I can’t take these mothafuckas serious

Verse 2:

Ice Cube moment man I checked myself.
Reached deep down but there’s nothing I felt
Well, hell, back to square one,
Where the pains always there but the lessons never come

And the issue is I’m numb man I don’t got the energy
To figure out why my life ain’t in symmetry
Why do people in your life come and go
Is it predetermined how much really can we know

We all so driven when we chasin’ a dream
But dreams just derive for those with a goal
When goals get done then really what’s your role
Are you that same person that you were from befo’

Slow down jumped ahead too soon
These the type of thoughts that illuminate my room
Consume the dark place, embraced in heart and mind
Maybe I’m not reading all the signs in between the lines

Young boy, nah man, you blind
You tryna change the world only using heart and mind
I’m nourishing my soul, tryna see some sunshine
It’s the way I keep composure every time I say I’m fine

Fine, this one’s tied, my brain and I
You take a look back in life, it helps you define
The retrospect is part of understanding wreck, its fine
‘Cause when I introspect it gives the reason for this life

See I’m more than just a man
Compiled of thoughts and experience
So when they downplay what I am
I can’t take these mothafuckas serious
Track Name: DOOM
Good grades, scholarships, a brotha went to school
I gotta leave the city it’s the way to break the rules
Views we accustom, see I was gettin’ A’s
But it didn’t even matter ‘cause my mom ain’t getting paid

A letter don’t get paper so who cares about a grade
So I get why some homies didn’t take the college way
We tired of seeing momma paying rent on shitty wage
That’s the game that we play so ridiculed the man
that showed up everyday Good grades big plans,
you get teased where I’m from, even called a bitch man

If you cared about school more than image
Than consider your rep done diminished
Okay hold up yea, there was those times
Where playing two sports yea it did get my by

‘cause I was tryna shine and my squad went to ship
Learn that in due time people recognize a grind

See I grew up with the same loco motives
Seeing the local’s motives, got me feeling at the coldest moments
I’m tryna be the locomotive, getting shit shook up,
At the same time, avoiding rodents

How the hell maintain being sane
When the people once helped are the same running game
Things get dirty, we ain’t got Billy Mays
I’m tryna change the game like a young Willy Mays

Who’s yet to swing a bat or even take it deep
I’m not the god son that got in too deep
Although I don’t take breaks, Barry bonds broke
Couple records but we all know that shit was fake

Real life fake souls bonds break like ionic
You used to be the dopest, make sense you smoking chronic
Hanging on to a past time, doing same shit since last time
I hope you’re getting yours ‘cause I’m getting mine.
Track Name: Lucy Ford
Wait queen, you ain’t never met me
But you crept past slow so I most approach gently
In a wave with those curves, my nerves to the point
Where I sit and observe, I feel like a nerd

‘Cause I can’t find the words
Okay, let me visualize and conjure first
Cuz you know I ain’t tryna come across as a brotha with thirst
So where to begin is it that angel grin
Girl put it away, I got thoughts of sin

Retract that statement in fact
‘cause you gotta good brain and you gotta lotta class
And you gotta good frame and you gotta big

You got that harp from heaven, wanna ride your rhythm.
Your melody is telling me to come close with’em
And I’d like to travel every single hour of the day
So I can properly disperse attention to your body as you lay

But hey, I’m not using the word “intimate”
cause if you remove the “T” and the “I” you get “inmate”
Just like T.I was an inmate, and inmate reminds me of jail
And jails have bars that are there for restrictions
But the last thing we’re gunna have is that
Man I’m tryna have a blast with some conversation
Some good conversations see, I’m kinda stressed with the daily routine

I’m going through something with life
And I don’t got patron but I got you tonight
And I know I’m very serious, but I like to laugh
I like whats behind not talking ‘bout your ass
I mean, that too, but I’m talking ‘bout your brain
What lies beneath the surface worth more to maintain.
I’m never running game, I’m just being myself,
Y’all really lacking confidence and can’t be yourselves
That projects insecurity and all smart females will see through your foolery
They probably got your ass buying jewelry, while you’re on your knees probably begging for that jewelry
You know which one I’m talking about
But I’ll be gone in the morning, ‘cause I’m on the next route
So carry on miss thang, nice to finally meet ya
Intrigued by your mind and all your nice features
Gotta go on my grind, but I’m happy to meet
But these goals come first, see you next week
Track Name: P.S.A
Y’all play the role like y’all really big pimpin’
But I see y’all asses on twitter drake-simpin’
Im makin’ Hellen Keller feel this vision no one see
Many dudes will claim to fuck but in her face they’re all V’s
Please this aint no hoe show, drake hook or gimmick
Ima flip it into a rhythm making frivolous minds shit it
How the fuck you spending money buying parts for Honda civic
When yo momma need that money for the rent and then you spend it
And what’s worse is when y’all Instagram money
It just shows you never had it I think it’s quite funny
Y’all breaking the first rule from B.I.G.
Never let’em know, how much dough you hold homie
And keep my name out of your mouth if you don’t know me
Don’t smile in my face if in truth you’re just a phony
But back to talking shit to all you fuckin critics
No I don’t rock a snap-back, I only stay fitted
Somebody tell these little boys that tattoos are a lifetime
Somebody tell these stuck up girls, girl you ain’t that fine
Didn’t 3 stacks make it clear with that track?
Roses really smell like a musty ass crack
So your attitude ain’t shit to me, playing hard to get
But I’ll never be concerned with you im tryna pay the rent
And now-a-days everybody thinkin that they model
On Instagram acting hard, tryna hold a bottle
Well look at you, good for you, post another pic
Of your ass throwing up and now you looking drunk as shit

Y’all Instagram models make me sick to my stomach
And y’all twitter ass thugs never keep it one hunnid
On twitter like you hard but in life you ain’t shit
‘Cause no spell check or followers on your dick
Y’all real life simple-witted, backward knitted basic
But hide behind the screens ‘cause you’re too bitch to face it
Y’all wanna be so smooth and say some clever shit?
Man half the shit y’all tweet were probably ripped from some lyrics
Ill scratch you off this earth like a DJ
I’ll scrach you off this earth like a lottery ticket
You in the presence of a future filled with greatness
You never made the cut like you on a college wait-list
So primitive minds don’t compare
I’ll dissect your brain receptors and leave you impaired
If our brains had swords swear to god it ain’t fair
I promise you gon’ need way more than Obama care
Track Name: Revolutionary Vol. 2 (ft. Ra, Aver, Ceez)
Introspect Verse:
When somebody doesn’t make it we so quick to blame their effort
Well I think it runs deeper, let’s evaluate it first
What’s the line of thinking, implemented at this school?
What’s the disadvantages, how many sharks up in this school?

Economically disadvantaged communities
The only good spoken of us is during a eulogy
The only time they care about educational success
is when they ‘bout to get an audit, or for standardized tests.

I used to speak out, and always get in trouble fast
In trouble just for thinking man that shit would make me angry fast
‘cause rather than using embracing us for using logic
Man they tryna shut us up and put our brain in a closet, and lock it

So tell me how the fuck can we compete
We’re already six feet deep, in a hole, with the hope
That mom found some money so that we can fuckin’ eat
And the rent gets paid, so we have a place to sleep

And it’s we not just me, I got homies on the street
When they bleed, I bleed, see we raised on same streets.
Reach for the stars, kinda hard with both missing arms
American Dream a nightmare that only does us harm.

I’m probably the enemy you see
Determined to be victim of the streets
I’m probably the piece of shit you see
Because I’m product of the person that you painted me to be
I’m probably the enemy you see
Determined to be victim of the streets
I’m probably the piece of shit you see
Because I’m product of the person that you painted me to be

Ra Verse:

No one ever taught us, kicking up dust, the way we were brought up
Tweak, tweak, no sleep, another sibling got caught up
Seen ‘em trip man of course I wasn’t fond of it
Mom’s bugging out as we see the cops comin’
He starts running, he’s on something
Broken home got me stuck on a stereo where 2Pac’s bumping
“Changes” hoping things’ll change soon
Which is what I told my mom, I kept pushing in grade school
Made for a few colleges prior to these accomplishments
Acknowledging my environment, more than glad not to fall in shit
Government funds barely helped which is why I question often
How am supposed to make it with no money in my wallet
Reliance on financial aid only made my grind delay
Then other motherfuckers question why most of us misbehave
We don’t have shit yet and still I try to make it alone
Tryna reach the greener grass after given these sticks and stones

I’m probably the enemy you see
Determined to be victim of the streets
I’m probably the piece of shit you see
Because I’m product of the person that you painted me to be

Aver Verse:
Lets take a trip misdirection made em' slip
saw opportunity but poor unity with pops made him miss
fumbled the ball cus' he didn't even have a good grip
same could be said about my life hating life while I sit
angry little kid knew of paradise beyond the gates
hit a certain age and that paradise seemed to far away
school wasn't of concern when looking for what I yearned
maybe by paying attention sooner I would've learned
depressed, hiding the genius under the stress
biggest test is not being ready for whats next
ignorance is bliss but its not when you know you missed
looking back would've told the old me to go and check it off the list
knowledge is the key to being free don't be scared to think
ride the ship of freedom or be the one to make it sink
yo don't fall under the pressure when life hits
continue to grow as long as the earth spins

I’m probably the enemy you see
Determined to be victim of the streets
I’m probably the piece of shit you see
Because I’m product of the person that you painted me to be

Ceez Verse:
so much tension in the room,
teachers always said and assumed,
I was gonna flip patties pick up the broom,
but the only thing that I'm cleaning is this path that I choose,

fam putting pressure on me telling me go to school,
didn't listen got my money up I guess I played it cool,
seeing futuristic views turning 20 in June,
(Shit) like what the fuck am I gon' do

be a lawyer a doctor but I'd rather be a starving musician,
speak for my people cause their pain is what I'm feeling,
similar stories different voice but I'm listening,
like why life gotta be that way stay persistent,

you see this is how most of us live it painting pictures vivid,
I wanna go to college graduate tell my moms I finally did it,
But I won't..
I'd rather let these words flow
Track Name: Crunch Time
Looking for strength I know it seems so simple
But I break down, the hope feels little
When I … lay my head to rest the stress builds quickly
And I cant pretend it’s good It really fucks with me

I close my eyes and see my mother’s hair turn gray
well guess what mom Your son’s hair is turning gray
Cuz I lay, I pray, and think about
You stressin’ trynna figure out how the rent’s getting paid

And I can’t seem to shake this feeling
I know I mask all this things I’m concealing
Cuz I cant show you that Im struggling on my own
Cuz then you feel depressed we cant even speak on the phone
Let alone really show whats in my head
And really demonstrate my motivation to get all this bread
Too long trynna just tryna get by
Clipped wings but a brothas tryna fly

And it seems you had enough
In this crunch it gets tough, can’t get out of this rut
But I’m a victim of it too
So what am I to do?

And no one understands the plans that I have
For myself, for my fam, those who gave a helping hand
I mean, I’m just a man, I start to feel the pressure
Depression ain’t helping only failures what I measure

4 in the morning and the room starts to spin
The clock ticks 5 and now im caving in
6 comes along holding on by a limb
Now time stops I’m tryna catch wind

A fucking ounce of hope I hope I make it clear
I’m stroking lady luck and tryna whisper in her ear
She needs to give a fuck and tell me why I’m even here
Cuz I can’t find hope I’m feeling like the failures near
I close my eyes to disguise all the stress
In the back of my mind heard a voice and it said:
No matter how you feel my brother just take a step
And I promise, One day it will all make sense

And it seems you had enough
In this crunch it gets tough, can’t get out of this rut
But I’m a victim of it too
So what am I to do?
Track Name: Overcast
Let’s grab a coffee maybe pour a little liquor
I need some confidence to get these things I need delivered
I wanna thank you, you gave the best lesson
Didn’t realize at first but you leaving was a blessing

I learned many things including how to hold my own
I learned the hard way but now these lessons are in stone
You taught independence so I wear my scars like pendants
Held anger and hate but now I repent it

I understand that things go sour
And when your backs to the wall, it becomes decision hour
Do cower to the pressure? Hold on by a string?
Before I can forgive I need to ask a few things

Like first off, did you even think it through?
Did you really make a choice or did decisions make you
I understand that you must of felt the pressure
But did you truly believe that things won’t get better

Did you think about how your mom didn’t have her pops
Did you think about how your pops left your ass
And there you go man just doing the same shit
Not tryna rub it in but man these things I just been wondering

Did you think about the times when you were all alone?
Your mom came to the states and left you back at home
For good reason she just came to send you money
but feeling the emptiness is what we share dummy

I’m trying to put myself in your shoes while keeping mine
Trust me when I say that I’ve read between the lines
But still it don’t add up, it doesn’t make sense
I’m doing my best, to help my soul cleanse.

I think since you were neglected you learned to hold it in
Afraid to be yourself, in my eyes you can’t win
‘Cause you never kept it real with me so how can I with you?
For a long time lacked self-expression, it’s true

I guess the apple does fall close to the tree
That’s why I kept to myself it didn’t help can’t you see
I like many normalized no father
So when I talked about it at first it didn’t bother

But when I break down all those times I broke down
I realize now I didn’t have to on my own
You could have gave me guidance, help me make decisions
I almost fell through the fuckin’ cracks but I didn’t

Fathered by Hip Hop, experience, my momma
My siblings, my cousins, the pain, the drama
Mostly home alone me and my bro would fight a lot
And even through these scuffles I just realized it taught a lot

No matter what we always had each other’s back
And even through the anger, on each other we would never rat
So my bro is the credit for my ways of being loyal
Know what’s important always keep your feet on soil

We both made mistakes the essence of my fate at stake
With odds against me should have took an L but I found a way
I look back and I can say I’m proud,
The day I got my scholarship the pain had turned to smiles

After so many years of distress and anxiety
I feel like a rose out this concrete reality

You missed out on the person that I am
Intelligent, athlete, musician, the man
The one with the thoughts traveling depths like submarines
A person with the hunger to fulfill his greatest dreams

Just a young child wonderin’ why the fuck you had to go
Every marriage has a flaw, in your child’s eyes you’ll know
There’s hope no matter what there’s always hope
I look into my nephews eyes it always helps me cope
Not driven by haters, but this fuckin’ cycle.
Too many generations of no fathers makes me psycho.
And I’m afraid I won’t be up to par
The day I have my son I hope to never get him scarred
The truth is I’m afraid of turning out like you
‘Cause maybe I’m not fit and won’t be able to think through
What if I’m never there for him sometimes I’m so selfish
What if I try to give him love he says he never felt it
What If I can’t give advice I don’t know the way
What if I leave his mother ‘cause she makes my hair grey

See I need this conversation don’t know why I put it off
I didn’t have the strength, ‘cause I knew it had a cost
But the stress builds up and I do this for my mental health
No one can check his son like his father not just momma’s belt

The lesson in life I take from this:
It’s more than just relationships, a wife, and kids
They don’t always work out and it’s okay I understand
But to be a good father be there for little man

Watch over your seed and let him know you’re always there
Give him trust, love, support, and make him aware
No dream is too big, ‘cause little mans the greatest
One day my son will play this on his iPod’s playlist
And understand I’m not the best but got the best intent
And he’ll always have me for whatever, even just to vent

We all feel the pressure, see it’s always Crunch Time
But in the current hell lies a path to a sunshine
I’m hoping you’re just teaching all the things I shouldn’t do.
I wish I could of told you that we’re gunna make it through

By far this has been the hardest thing to express
But if it helps another soul it’s worth all the stress

This is dedicated to the fathers that don’t bother
You bitch muthafuckas make me mad
But I’ll never hit a woman I won’t do coke
And for that alone ____ and I wanna thank you old man
Track Name: Optimist
The time, the travels, the conflicts,
The battles, the errors, the fall slips
And I can’t take a break through the time
The feeling like I never can really unwind

Seems to eat up the space
The place once vacant is filled
But no more room to chill
I need to pick up the pace

Lace up the boots and pull from the limbs
Drag my feet to the ground and against these currents
I currently see only ten steps past
I’m chasing a dream where the weak don’t last
And I, lose my strength twice a week
And I hold close pain ‘cause it tells me to keep
A room for the hurt, I’m a wolf to the sheep
‘Cause the average MC can’t fuck with a sound like me

I was never one for the chumps
I follow my own path and don’t give a fuck
‘Cause these things that I’m chasing need more than just luck
You fall to the ground, you better get yo ass up boy

It ain’t enough I’m at the edge
And it’s hard all alone ‘cause the roof caves in
When the weights on my back don’t feel like Im’a win
I struggle to rise and the future looks grim

But what if it’s a matter of time
These complex steps just placed in a rhythm
To lay down a journey that will help me to find
The joy of it all and the hell I get rid of

Not dumb faith I know
It was meant to reach all the people I know,
It’s not just the fame and the fortune
We just fighting a whirlwind

Verse 2:
The problem with me is I’m not good at breaks
Foot to the floor it remains on the gas
That’s why I’m afraid good times won’t last
Afraid of the past, the same mistakes

But what’s at stake is the time running out
Did I get it all done? Did I drown in the doubt?
I’ve hit the heartbreaks, made mistakes
Didn’t know how to stop, Couldn’t hit the breaks,
Couldn't just chill man Couldn’t take a break
Couldn’t break the seal, Couldn’t break the ice

Didn’t have empathy, couldn’t give her a break
Couldn’t recognize the people that are real or fake
Couldn’t break bonds once held with snakes
Couldn’t stand myself, Mirror I break

Escape, escape…
couldn’t stand myself I had to make a change
The beauty of writing with a pen,
Can’t erase the marks from before
But I can learn,
Fuck it and write some more
So right before I turn the page
I look at all these mistakes that I made
Can’t help but to crack a smirk
‘Cuz the chips fell down Just to pave the way
Pave the way….
Track Name: Walk Like a Man
They said be a Bruin, I chose Cal
I graduated high school, and made my momma proud
She said son, look what you did, you gonna shed some light
You gonna get us out this crib
I laughed in my head but I said don’t trip
in truth I was happy just get up out the crib
I was out the door ready for a new life
Get known in the bay probably party all night
Feeling fresh with my scholarships
Paying my tuition didn’t want my mom to bother with
…so what up Bill Gates
Appreciate you recognize that ima be great

That boy was nice even played two sports
Went to the ship but came up short
Girl back at home so hoes don’t swarm
You gotta sweater use that shit to stay warm

Verse 2:
No one understands the pain
No one understands the type of lane that I’m in.
And no one understands that I’m only a man
And man they expect me to never breakdown
How can I Breakdown with so much expectations
So much built tension I feel I’m ‘bout to cave in
I lay back and conceal
But my head will explode if I show you what’s real
In my head I can’t rest only sleep is with a pill
And I can’t stand still need to grasp some type of feel
I can’t figure out what’s next
I can’t even flex my mental correctly
I stay introspecting but still I can’t see
I mean, I’m tryna get some wind up in these wings
But I can’t, I can’t find flight no desire
Uninspired always tired, feeling like I lost my fire

I’m in a fucking hole man I don’t see light
Im trynna do it right swear to god the best intention
I wanna do everything, everything I mentioned

Before I die, I want everything accomplished
I work so fucking hard but I’m never acknowledged,
I work so fucking hard but I don’t feel appreciated
Don’t feel alleviated I don’t belong here
I shoulda stayed home, such a selfish act of me
I should just float and live worry free
It feels like really I can’t do shit
It feels like I can’t do everything I want
But people don’t see I’m tryna do everything
No one recognizes, So I’ll nod my head with you
Smile in the back nod my head play it cool
You could paint a fucking picture It’ll be Picasso Blue
But look into my eyes you’ll see my passion is true
I know I’m in control with these decisions that I choose
But maybe I can drown inside a bottle too
Shit…what people don’t see is that
I’m doing this with the best intention to make life better
‘Cause we can help each other and make it through the weather
But I’m bothered I’m feeling fuckin smothered with the pain
I can’t do shit else but go insane
I might as well just call it fuckin quits
That’s right man Ima call it fucking quits,
Im so tired of this shit ima call it fucking quits
I can’t do shit I’ma call it fuckin quits

Verse 3:
I got to get up I gotta get up
I said I got to get up I gotta get up
I’m on my grind here I’m on my grind yeeuh
I’m on my grind yeeuh I’m on my grind grind

No one said this easy no one said this hard
But god willing I’ma take it to a place afar
In charge of my life, these bars represent
The light, my life, the scars, I vent

Real talk I’ma meet the president one day
Shake his hand then I’ll spit on his hands by the way
I’m the man with the plans to expand and take it to a level
A place where no one else can

My man, they say I always break up weed
‘Cause I’ve always been a grinder, plus a little lucky
A mind blessed from that 323,
South Gate that’s my city man that shit is what I bleed

I hate it when pretenders claim to be my city’s hero
I ain’t tryna hear it, you ain’t done shit for your people
I focused much time, dwelling what I am
Rip the mic from his hands really who’s the bigger man

See I’m ‘bout making moves so I hit’em with the action
They passive, I pass’em ‘cause they ain’t got no passion
They ain’t even close with the passion
They ain’t even close with the passion
They ain’t even close with the passion
They ain’t even close with the passion
They passive, they ain’t got no passion, I pass’em
‘cause they ain’t got no passion